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Useful Links

We believe that privacy rights should be a headline issue worldwide. In order to raise greater awareness of the challenges, we offer links to selected not-for-profit organizations which focus on this public-policy topic.

This California-based organization has a range of practical information in its “Learn About Privacy” section, including guidelines on phone security. Its roster of data breaches is a sobering reminder of the need for online vigilance.

Personal information that can be used for identify-theft purposes has a higher market value than stolen credit cards on the dark net. One important point: Businesses can be just as vulnerable to identity theft as consumers.

Regulatory issues are difficult to tackle in part because many governing laws were written before internet era. From its Washington base, EPIC is at the forefront of shaping the legal debate. One feature of their site is the online bookstore.

This site is loaded with tools and information, both basic and advanced. Their guide Surveillance Self Defense explores the ins-and-outs of online spying. It includes security scenarios for avatars like journalists, students, and even online security veterans.

Our civil liberties and human rights may be at odds with aspects of the online world. This Washington-based group advocates for greater restrictions on government surveillance of the internet. Review their blog for insight on the debate.

Cranganore provides these links for informational purposes only. The list is not exhaustive. The firm does not provide financial backing to these not-for-profit organizations. Our officers, however, could support these entities on a private, non-disclosed basis.

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