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Market Anvil

The texture of our investment and commercial relationships worldwide affords us the ability to reach out to our community with an audio program designed for finance-sector professionals. Market Anvil is set to launch in 2022. We are now busy in the studio sorting out technology, production, distribution, and guest commitments for a limited-run season, at least initially.

The back-and-forth dialogue on our podcast gives you a firsthand opportunity to meet colleagues and clients of our firm. Their business stories and market perspectives are invaluable.

We want to earn your attention:

Access. Our podcast builds on the lively exchange that is typical of our round-the-clock discussions. With Market Anvil, we provide a gateway to rapport with analysts and executives about macroeconomic trends, including risk factors.

Utility. The discipline of the written word is prominent in our work. But many in our community have a preference for audio programs, all the more given the ascent of the smartphone. Our podcast is one way to respond more forthrightly to these relationships.

Insight. The scope of our activities means that important ideas are periodically sidelined by our day-to-day efforts. With Market Anvil, we spotlight these opportunities during an era in which work-from-home policies and social-distancing choices limit our ability to be effective on-the-ground.

Cranganore avoids specialization so our podcast topics can intentionally stray in subject matter, offering dynamic perspectives on the world of business. We have a natural bias to emerging markets and venture capital, but that is not an explicit corporate mandate.

This podcast provides information only; it is not tailored to specific individual circumstances. We make no claim to offer direct advice on securities.

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